E Özturk

Anny Özturk :: Superheroes :: installation
ZKM Projektraum Medienmuseum :: 22.3. - 5.5.   21.45 

In her Superheroes piece, Anny Öztürk creates a fantasy world inspired by figures from TV shows and comic strips. In this world, she assumes optional identities, fictitious roles, all of them making her a super-hero who can fulfill her innermost wishes. The role models onto which she projects her ideas here originate in the media world or as ad products.

She creates a joyful substitute world in colourful, Pop-like drawings, populated with persons from her real life. Friends and acquaintances become Superheroes, a Fasttrackman who drives a Porsche or a Frog in green camouflage. Alongside these superheroes of her everyday life, Anny Öztürk herself becomes a superhero. For example, as Pantherwoman she dreams of a life spent together with her male companion.

Personal memories and experiences blend with fantasy stories. Needless to say, the superheroes in Öztürk's fantasy world also have superpowers that they use for their heroic deeds, but also in order to survive in society and in their professional lives. Unlike the comics, in Öztürk's imagined world the superheroes never shed their costumes; they do not don a disguise but appear as superheroes in every situation. In this fantasy world, everything is at hand, colourful and beautiful. Even everyday objects can become superheroes. Training shoes and articles of clothing, fetishes of youth culture and indicators of group or scene membership – they create a profile that represents values to the outside world. "The most important things in life are the right outfit and great shoes" – is the belief one of her superheroes follows. Such statements in some of her drawings refer to the brand awareness and consumerist outlook of today's world.

Fantasy world and the reality of life interlock in these Superheroes drawings through the admixture of real role models and invented figures. The drawings are accompanied by various sculptures that seem to stem directly from this fantastic world.

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Anny Özturk
born 1970 in Istanbul, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main; exhibitions (selection): 2001 Heimaten Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; 2000 dynamo.eintracht Frankfurt/Main and Dresden; Evelyn Forum-1822, Frankfurt/Main; I love you too, but Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Man muss ganz schön viel lernen... Frankfurter Kunstverein; 1999 Hitchcock Kunsthalle Tirol, Hall ozt


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